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RIS and Tele-radiology Platform

We provide innovative solutions to maximize the efficiency of your entire radiology workflow covering patient registration, to modality worklist integration, and completion of the radiological reports. Our solutions are implemented with minimal disruption to your existing workflow and downtime.

Our Lifesys FDA-approved teleradiology system offers the following advanced features:

  • Seamless and consistent user experience with a single fully integrated medical imaging and reporting platform.
  • A high level of data security (100% HIPAA-compliant) with robust privacy and security features - data encryption, anonymization with synchronization, and multiple redundancies.
  • Hassle-free and cost-effective expansion with simple, fast and scalable deployment setup with no need for VPNs, point-to-point connections or heavy IT infrastructure.
  • High uptime reliability with remote diagnostics as well as viewing and reporting capability even in low bandwidth environments.
  • Remote viewing of images and reports for clinic doctors.

Reporting and coverage

We provide support in the reporting of scans across all modalities, supported by an experienced team of radiologists. Our sub-specialty expertise can also provide second opinions when required.


​Rapha Radiology Managed Services can be customized to meet specific requirements for clients. We provide clinic owners with:

Consultancy Services

  • Imaging clinic setup and program management

  • Imaging clinic SPO and Quality Manuals

  • Imaging clinic facility design

  • Annual MOH/NEA license undertaking and renewal

  • Support for regulatory matters and inspections by government bodies

Operations Services

  • Workflow streamlining

  • Imaging centre management

Manpower Services

  • Locum radiographer support for ad-hoc coverage

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